The Norwegian government announced that Ukrainian President Zalansky arrived in Oslo, Norway, on the morning of December 13. It is said that Zalansky came directly from the United States to Oslo at the invitation of the Prime Minister of Norway.

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland will attend the Nordic Summit to be held in Oslo, and will focus on long-term aid to strengthen the fight for independence and democracy in Ukraine, the Norwegian Prime Minister’s Office announced.

The Norwegian Prime Minister said that since the independence and security of Ukraine is the security of the Nordic countries, including Norway, they will continue to help Ukraine, led by President Zalansky, who is bravely resisting the Russian aggression. After attending the swearing-in ceremony of the Argentine president, Zalansky continued to Washington, the United States.

Congressmen in Washington He met separately with defense industrialists and also met with President Joe Biden. Despite the delay in the U.S. Congress on aid to Ukraine, the U.S. announced $200 million in military aid during Zalansky’s trip.

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