A total of 40 soldiers and policemen from the 20-strong column led by Second Police Colonel Tun Soe Thein, who fled when the TNLA captured the Namsan Township Police Station in Namsan Township, Northern Shan State, and the 20-strong column led by Captain Kyaw Thu Htwe of Commando Hill, were killed in the battle yesterday.

On December 11th, at 4:00 a.m., when the TNLA attacked and occupied the police station in Namsan, a 21-strong column led by Lieutenant Colonel Tun Soe Thein Oo joined forces with a column led by Captain Kyaw Thu Htwe of the 254th Battalion to join the commando hill. TNLA attacked the joint column on December 12 and all were killed.

In addition, 25 of the 70 reinforcements deployed by the Military Council by helicopter to prevent the fall of the Military Council’s camp in Namkham yesterday were also killed in the battle with the TNLA and fled in chaos.

According to the statement of TNLA, today on December 15, the military council in Namsan city attacked (5) times with ATR-42 aircraft, (15) times with jet fighter, (10) times with Mi35 and (10) times with heavy weapons from Mantong (Khah Lah Zah-130) base. Civilian deaths during airstrikes; TNLA informed that people’s homes were damaged.

A TNLA leader has confirmed that the TNLA started the battle to capture Namsan on December 10th and until today (December 15th) has captured all military bases including the strategic camp hill in Namsan and captured the city. During the 1027 operation, it has been reported that more than 60 camps have been captured in Ta’ang state.

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