As the fighting has calmed down in the town of Tedim, Chin State, the people who fled the war have returned to their homes, but they want to clear up the unexploded remnants of war found in the town, according to local residents. Residents also said that a lot of unexploded ordnance was found in the battle of Tedim, and the relevant organizations want to remove it as soon as possible for the safety of the civilians.

“There are many unexploded remnants of war in alleys and yards. Whether due to the weather or animals, these remnants of war can explode at any time. In that case, there will be unnecessary loss of life. For that reason, we want to remove them as soon as possible,” a Tein resident told Tongsan Media Group.

He said that the remains of the war were found in large numbers in Myoma Ward, Lawibual Ward and the outskirts of the town. Last March 25 in Tedim town, due to the intense fighting between the Military Council and Chin Brotherhood Alliance, almost all the local residents came back from fleeing to safety.

“All those who fled the war have returned. There is no more fighting. Since the town has returned to normal conditions, children have been enrolling since yesterday. Currently, BEHS No (1) has enrolled more than two hundred students” a Tedim local school teacher told Tongsan Media Group. He also said that Military council officers are making arrangements for the opening of all the schools in Tedim town, and the necessary cleaning for the schools is also being done.

In the recent battle of Tedim, the Military council burned down civilian homes, causing about 65 houses to be destroyed, and two army camps of the Military council have been captured.
On June 18, the Chin Brotherhood Alliance reported that military pumps and ammunition were also seized.

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