The People’s Defense Force (Mandalay) said that the Mandalay PDF attacked and captured 6 Military camps of the terrorist Military Council Army in Shinku Township, Mandalay Region, captured 13 prisoners of war, and seized more than 40 bodies of soldiers and various weapons.

The People’s Defense Force (Mandalay) is carrying out operations in Shinku Township with “1027 Operation Part 2” and has successfully captured Do Nwe village Camp, Nam Hat Village Camp, Malese Clearing Camp, Shwe Ma Le Pagoda Camp, Ywadawlay Village Camp and Nwe Yone Police Station in Shinku Township.

More than 40 different weapons and a lot of ammunition were seized in the area of ​​the terracotta operation, and about 13 prisoners of war were captured alive. The People’s Defense Force (Mandalay) is also being supported by the PDF of Shinku Township in the Shinku operations. The People’s Defense Force (Mandalay) has issued a notification that they are continuing to attack specific military targets in Shinku Township.

Fighting started on June 25th in Mataya and Mogok Townships of Mandalay Division, and fighting is also taking place in the villages of Tuak Kyan Village in the northern part of Shinku Township on the Mandalay-Mogok Road and Thabaihyin Township, which are connected to those cities.

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