October 10, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

The Assam Rifles and the Customs Department arrested six bags (more than 1,500) worth of betelnuts, worth nearly seven hundred thousand rupees (about 24,500 million Burmese currency), brought by the Myanmar side in three days from October 7th to 9th in the Mizoram state of India on the Myanmar-India border.

On October 9th, 971 bags of betel nuts illegally transported from Myanmar were seized between Chhungte and Zotlang villages in Champhai District, and 249 bags of dried betel nuts were seized near Chhungte village on October 8th. Mizoram News reported on October 9 that the value of dried betel nuts seized during those two days was about 600 lakh rupees (about 21,000 kyats).

On October 7, the Assam Rifles seized 299 bags of dried betel nuts worth more than 95 lakh rupees (three hundred thousand kyats) in three lorries between Kolosib and Bairabi town. After the coup d’état, the export of betel nuts from Myanmar to India was restricted by India. A truck driver, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said that there had been illegal transportation in the past, but no arrests had been made.

“Before, they were closed, but they were also smuggled in. Otherwise, the betel nut market will not work very well. These months are quite tight. Sometimes I If you go, Everything that comes with that is going to be burned.” On October 7, Mizoram State, The rest of the county Between Zokhawthar and Melbuk villages, 17 packs of cigarettes worth more than 26 lakh rupees (900,000 kyats) were illegally transported. Beer 88 16 cases of wine and whiskey were seized by the Assam Rifles.

On October 3rd and October 4th, Indian authorities arrested a Myanmar national and a woman along with drugs in Mizoram state. According to Chin Human Rights Group, there are more than 50,000 Burmese refugees who have fled to the Indian state of Mizoram.

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