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At the time of war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel faced a situation where it could open a new war front on the Lebanese side. The war in Gaza has been intense since October 7, when Hamas suddenly launched a massive attack on southern Israel. Lebanon’s powerful armed guerrilla force, Hezbollah, supports Hamas and tries to attack Israel’s border, prompting Israel to fill the border with troops.

On October 9, Israel announced that it had killed at least three Palestinian guerrillas who tried to cross Lebanon into Israeli territory. In the evening of that day, Hezbollah fired rockets into Israeli territory. Fired with mortars. This situation has led to a rapid rise in tensions between the two sides, raising fears of a wider war in the Middle East than the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Hezbollah announced that they had hit two enemy military command posts in the Galilee region of northern Israel. Hezbollah claimed that the attack was revenge for three comrades of the Palestinian armed group Islamic Jihad, who lost their lives due to Israeli aggression.

At night, Israel sent helicopters and fired missiles at some military bases in southern Lebanon and attacked them with heavy weapons. Although Islamic Jihad managed to repulse the cross-border attack, 1 Israeli soldier was killed and 6 wounded, the Israeli military announced.

In addition, there have been direct exchanges of fire between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas. Hezbollah is an armed force established in 1982 by Israel’s arch-enemy, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. At that time, after Israel’s war with Lebanon, Iran activated Hezbollah as a local armed group.

In 2006, a head-to-head war between Israel and Hezbollah ended after 34 days. Incidents of armed forces crossing the border between the two armies continued to occur sporadically. In the current situation, Israel is focusing its efforts on the Gaza war front, but it is keeping a watchful eye on the Lebanese side as well. Gaza is located in the southwestern part of Israel, while Lebanon borders Israel in the north.

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