The Black Cobra Column, which cooperated with KNLA and PDF, announced today (May 12) that the military council army’s Point 1020 base camp on the Taninthari-Bohpin-Kawthaung road, Tanintharyi Division, has been completely captured. It is reported that the Black Cobra joint column captured the military council’s Point 1020 base camp on the morning of May 11, which had been cut off and blocked since April 30.

At the point 1020 camp, the Khah Mah Yah (555), Kaah Mah Yah (559) and Khah Mah Yah (432) troops of the Bohpin-based Sah Kah Khah (13) were stationed together. Although the military council fiercely defended the camp with air support, 12 days after the attack, the wounded military council soldiers fled the camp, according to the statement.

During the clearing of the camp, weapons and ammunition and military equipment were seized, and pits where the bodies of the military council were buried were also found in the camp. “We found four pits. The number of bodies has not yet been revealed because of mines,” an official from the Black Cobra Column told Public Spring.

The Black Cobra Column informs that the military council troops who fled the camp are being chased and cleared by the joint column and are still cutting off and attacking the reinforcement columns. “We are still cutting,” explained an official from the line.

The military council’s Point 1020 hill camp, which is an obstacle to public travel, has been cleared by the joint column, so the military council and Phyu Saw Htee column that came to the camp are still being chased and cleared.

Beik Province People Defense Force along with KNLA-PDF joint Black Cobra Column in the military council’s point 1020 camp in the above board area. The Black Cobra Wings drone unit attacked together, and a revolutionary soldier from the joint line was wounded in

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