On May 23, the combined forces of the Chin Revolutionary Army were able to completely occupy Tonzang town in Phalam District of Chin State, and more than 40 members of the Military Council were captured. “May 23, at 4:30 p.m., all Military Council forces in and outside of Tonzang town have cleared the area,” said CNA spokesperson Salai Hteet Ni.

He said that 15 of the captives were wounded and they were still being interrogated to find out the details of their ranks. He also said that after clearing the town, nearly 600,000 kyats of cash were found in the places where the military council was camped.

Salai Hteet Ni said that nearly 80 weapons and a large number of bullets were seized during the battle to take over the town of Tonzang, and the Chin Revolutionary Joint forces were also able to free the political prisoners held in the Cyclone Center.

CDM teacher Daw Vung Huai Kim, who was arrested and sentenced to life in prison by the Military Army at the beginning of the year, was sentenced to 7 years in prison under Section 505 (a), and a villager from Phaitu who was sentenced to 3 years in prison. They were able to be evacuated on May 22, according to the People’s Administration Council of Tonzang Township.

There were military council troops and policemen from the 269th The Light infantry regiment based in Tedim Township in the town of Tonzang. The Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) also operated jointly with the Military Council. Captain Kaung Thu Win, who participated in the civil disobedience movement, said that the ZRA has become a support group for the military.

“Before the coup, the relationship with ZRA was not good. Even though it was a secret situation, but after the coup, they were apparently together,” said CDM Captain Kaung Thu Win. “In security matters, the ZRA and the army take it together. There are situations like this. After the coup, the ZRA and the military provided more necessary support, such as weapons and ammunition.”

Military Academy batch (DSA- 52), Captain Kaung Thu Win is a military officer of the Military Strategy Settlement Group of Matupi town who joined the Chin Revolutionary Joint Force at the end of December 2021. A top-ranking ZRA official was among the members of the military council who were captured in the battle to take over the town of Tonzang, Salai Hteet Ni said.

Tonzang Township is not only an important township for the revolutionary forces, but also a base for the military. Among the townships in Chin State, Tonzang Township is the place where the military council administration is functioning well and where the army is preparing for the election, said Salai Hteet Ni.

In the battle to seize the town of Rih khawdar, Lailenpi, Rihzua on the India-Myanmar border, the army launched airstrikes, but could not deploy reinforcements. Airborne reinforcements were only used in the battle for the capture of the town of Jindwe and the battle for the capture of the Thantlang town in southern Chin State, which borders Magwe and Rakhine state.

According to the township’s public administration group, many houses were destroyed in the township of Tonzang due to the Military army’s airstrikes, and in the nearby village of Phaitu, a church and nearly 10 houses were damaged in the airstrikes. In the battle of Tonzang 11 people were killed and almost 10 were injured on the side of the Chinland revolutionary forces, most of them were hit by landmines, said Salai Hteet Ni. On the side of the military council forces, Salai Hteet said that almost 30 people were killed, but there is no independent confirmation yet.

The coup military council has kept the news dark about the fighting in northern Chin State. It is reported that after the revolutionary forces took control of the town of Tonzang, the area clearance work is still being carried out in the town, and most of the residents have not been able to return to their homes.

About 8,000 local residents from Tonzang and Cikha have fled to safe villages and are in need of food, medicine and shelter, according to the Public Administration Organization of Tonzang Township. In a statement dated January 2000 of the General Administration Department, it was stated that 35,997 people live in Tonzang Township.

In Chin State, where the armed resistance is strong, the Chin Revolutionary Forces’ capture of Tonzang is the first time they have captured a township-level. The town of Rih khawdar, Lailenpi, Rezua and Jindwe, which were previously kept, are not township level. Paletwa Township was occupied by the Arakan Army (AA) at the beginning of this year.

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