Defense forces have confirmed that foreign volunteers are teaching military skills to groups fighting against the coup army. There are reviews that this teaching will have an effect on the Spring Revolution. This is confirmed by Tongsan Media based on a report sent by PDF Zoland.

Tongsan Media confirmed through a PDF Zoland official that foreign volunteers are teaching military training to PDF Zoland, a Chinland Brotherhood revolutionary group. He did not answer which citizens were being taught, but he said that they were teaching urban operations sniper courses and special commando courses. An official from the PDF Zoland army said that because of this training, progress can be made and a more compact army can be built.

“They have been coming for 1 year. Of course, it came after connecting through the main foreign supporters. They taught the necessary military skills such as city operations sniper special commando. They teach international world-class martial arts, so we have a lot more change. A more compact army can be built up to a certain size. Being mainly volunteers, they teach what they are good at. That’s it.” PDF Zoland army official expressed his opinion that the participation of foreign volunteers to fight against the coup army would be beneficial for the Spring Revolution and the military might rise.

“He came from abroad and gave practical teaching. If they share their military skills, they are good support for our revolution. If we look at the country as a whole, there are daily battles between our terrorist military council and the revolutionary forces. There are those who are working in anticipation of this, as the revolutionary forces step up their pace and start more battles, taking over camps, taking over cities, etc. It can be better. The water level of the revolution is also rising.”

There has been no response from the military council regarding foreign volunteers participating in fighting and teaching the revolutionary forces. A British ex-soldier who fought in the Spring Revolution has revealed to some foreign media that he is not a mercenary soldier, but just standing up for what he thinks is right.

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