The Arakan Army (AA) seized Thandwe Airport in southern Rakhine State, which is the only air entrance to the famous Ngapali Beach, yesterday (June 23) at around 4:00 p.m. People close to the AA confirmed that AA troops are spread along Thandwe Airport and Ngapali Beach, and that the fighting continues around these areas.

“There is intense fighting all along Ngapali Beach. Military Council soldiers are also running away. There are those who are resisting,” said a person close to AA. AA is continuing to attack the Military Council’s Infantry Battalion (566) and Infantry Battalion (55) near the airport, and the fighting is fierce in and around Thandwe Town, a resident of Thandwe said.

“Military Council Infantry Battalion (566) is not long enough. As the airport is down, supplies cannot come,” said a local resident. A resident said that due to the intense fighting near Thandwe town, many residents have fled to safety, and the streets of the town are dry and quiet.

“Recently, AA said they have reached the Amazing Hotel. At 10:55 this morning, the Military Council army closed the roads at the Ngapali traffic light near the camp. A curfew has been issued at 4 am and 9 pm. “At the moment, fighting is going on in Ngapali,” said another local resident. Locals said that the military council troops are counterattacking with army, water, and air columns in order to prevent the attack from the band.

Thandwe Airport became the first airport to be controlled by ethnic armed forces, and the seizure of that airport became a great loss for the Military Council. Ngapali Beach has a number of hotels owned by generals and military-backed cronies, and is a resort for military council troops.

In June of last year, the military council sent soldiers who were injured in the front lines across the country to Ngapali Beach for recreation through Thandwe Airport. AA has announced that it will attack and capture military bases throughout Rakhine State, and has captured Mipone, Minpia, Myauk Oo, Kyauk Taw, Pauk Taw, Rum Brei, Ponna Kyun, Yatih Taung, Buthi Taung and Paletwa in Chin State.

Currently, the Military camps in Am, Maungdaw, Thandwe are being attacked again.
AA has informed the residents to leave from the night of June 16 as the remaining military bases in Maungdaw are about to be attacked and their lives are in danger.

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