Military leader General Min Aung Hlaing sent the Minister of Religion of the Military Council to the school to read the letter of apology for his soldiers shooting the Monk of Win Nim Myittha. The Military leader’s apology letter claimed that his soldiers opened fire because the vehicle the monk was riding in had no religious markings and was driving at a high speed, adding that an investigation involving high-ranking officials was underway.

In that application, the Military leader did not apologize for the spread of false propaganda by the army that the Monk was shot dead by PDFs of the revolutionary army from the region. A bishop said that he had heard the military leader’s apology and that the incident in which the bishop was killed was sad and heartbreaking, but impossible to forget.

The abbot of Win Nim Myittha Monastery was shot and killed last Wednesday in Ngazon Township, Mandalay Region. According to the intelligence reports of the Military council, 14 soldiers of the military council and 15 militiamen of Pyu Saw Htee based in Ngazon, a total of 29 people, were involved in the killing.

The military council initially spread false propaganda that the people who killed the monk were PDFs, but the shooters were soldiers and generals, and after the Kan Tong Seint monk who was riding in the car with Win Nim Myittha monk said on June 20th, they had to admit the truth.

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