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Under the leadership of the General Council of Assembly of God Myanmar, the honoring of the ministers based in Kalaymyo was held on August 12, 2023 (Saturday) at 8:00 AM at Taung Phila AG Church in Kalaymyo. Also at the ceremony, Revd. L. Zaw Hang, DD (Superintendent G.C. AG) from Yangon General Council Headquarters, Revd. Suan Za Pau D Min. (General Secretary G C. AG) and his wife Revd. Lal Sang Lian @ Sayama Sangpui and Revd Akhi Zangyaw, (G. C, AG Office In-Charge) attended the occasion.

The honoring ceremony is held every three years, and it was planned to be held last March, but due to the political situation, Mr. Khampu told Tongsan Media that the honoring ceremony was held this time. DC (7) Tedim; DC (9) Hakha and DC (4) Thangtlang region is a total of three districts.

In order to achieve this dignity, it is specified: 1. Exhorter full-time ministers 2. Licensed Minister (after receiving three Exhorters) e.g. 3. After the MC practiced in the Baptist Church. Those who have completed 5 years of licensed ministership can apply. This time, 54 officials from DC (4), 19 from DC (7), and 13 from DC (9) were able to honor a total of 78 officials.

In addition, before receiving the dignity, those who received the dignity on August 11, In 2023, we heard that they conducted close training and interviews at the Phualpi AG Church in Kalaymyo, where they were well received by the host church, and on the day of the ceremony, the host Taung Phila Church hosted them with good food.

Reporter – Mr. Khampu (C Media Child)

Translated in English: Tongsan Admin Team

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