It is reported that the KIA, PDF and ABSDF joint forces started to attack the town of Pinlebu in Sagaing Region on November 7th at around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. According to reports on the ground, there were some military council soldiers who surrendered and showed the white flag when the battle broke out.

As the phone lines in the town of Pinlebu have been cut of, it is not yet known whether the entire city will be captured or not, but a person close to the ground said that the main areas have been captured. “Phone lines are closed. It’s a little hard to connect. Just connect to Icon. There are some soldiers who have surrendered since last night. It can be said that the city can take it. It will be completed soon,” he said.

National Unity Government Union Minister Dr Tu Hkawng also shared through his Facebook page, “I’ve saved it.” Last year in 2022, the revolutionary forces were able to seize the town of Pinlebu, but it was a city that had to be retreated due to difficulties in controlling it. If the town of Pinlebu can be captured completely, it will be the 3rd city in Sagaing Division to be captured within a week.

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