November 8, 2023 | Tongsan Media Group |

It was reported that at least 20 soldiers, including a captain, from the Joint Military Council Army and the Shan Red Army (SNA) were killed and a Public Defense soldier was killed in the battle to seize the Hluah Sin Gon camp in Homalin Township, Sagaing Division.

On the 2nd of November, led by the 1st Battalion of Khamti District, the military council strongly deployed the Hluah Sin Gon camp on the Monywa – Hammalin Pytaungsu road. A soldier of the People’s Defense Force said that they were able to attack and capture the area on November 4th and were under control until today (November 8th).

“The military council and the SNA (Shanni Army) are sitting in that camp. Because the bunker was firmly built, they were able to fight quite well. About 20 of them died. Some were sent to the hospital,” he said. Locals said that five of the dead, including the captain, were buried in the army mound, and at least 15 were thrown into the Uru River from the bridge over the future.

“They buried the seniors. They threw the younger ones off the bridge. I think they hide the bodies because they want to lie about the news of their deaths,” said a local. It was also reported that a Public Defense Force was killed during the battle.

Currently, the People’s Defense Forces control the Hluah Sin Gone camp and continue to attack the Sat Ka Yar camp. The battle was fought by the 1st Battalion. HPDF -124 HPDF Thunder Team CDM Police are said to be attacking the Public Security Team.

HPDF-124 has warned not to use the Naung Po Aung – Hluah Sin gone – Aung Pin road section, Naung Po Aung – Upper O Thaw – Khong Than road sections due to the military tension in the region. In addition, as the fighting continues to intensify in Hluah Sin Gone village in Nung Po Aung District, the people have been informed to always be on military alert and strictly follow the prohibitions.

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