The Chin Revolutionary Forces said that the Military Council Army launched a convoy with about 60 forces this morning (January 17) to recover the military base in Tai Ngen village, Tedim Township, Chin State. The camp, which has nearly 30 soldiers and police forces on the border between Sagaing and Chin State, was seized by the Chin Defense Cooperation Teams between January 12 and 16.

The camp, which had been attacked 5 times in the past, ended in a lot of losses. After the camp was seized, the Chin defense groups retreated. It is also seen that a photo has been released showing that 30 weapons were obtained from the battle to capture the camp. CDM Siyin said that today, soldiers from the army base in Kalaymyo, about 30 miles away from the Tai Ngen village camp, came in a column along the forest road.

“We estimate about 60 forces. I heard that it came about 20 miles from Kalaymyo. It will take about 10 miles to reach Tai Ngen. This morning, there was no contact fighting,” said the press officer of the CDM (Civic Defense Militia) Siyin group this afternoon. The CDM Siyin team has warned the nearby residents to evacuate to a safe place.

According to the Chin defense groups, military council forces started deploying in early January 2022 in Tai Ngen village, which is a communication hub on the India-Myanmar trade route, and they often demand money from locals and tourists.

The Military Council has yet to receive a response to the allegations. During this month, the military council has kept the news dark about the situation of Chin State fighting. Chin National Front (CNF) spokesman Salai Hteet Ni said the camp was tried to be captured because it was located in an important location.

“If you continue from Tai Ngen Camp, you will reach the India-Myanmar No. 2 Trade Road. Reed Camp was seized because it was the main road, and in terms of security, it was on the trade route of the people, so it was a really strategic camp, so it was taken as a battle to capture the camp.”

CDM Siyin announced that during the 5-day battle to seize the camp, the military council battalion based in Kale City provided support with heavy weapons and fired 6 times from the air. The military council forces in that camp were urged to surrender, but the trenches, which were firmly built, CDM Siyin Information Officer said that they had to fight hard because they resisted from the bunkers.

“The camp is completely solidly built. Double floors, logs, sandbags, then the trench is built in L-shapes, and the overhead is over 6 feet. Just on the head. Firmly built. It is not easy to get out. “It’s not easy to grow teeth if you do it from the outside,” he said.

During the intense battle to capture the camp, nearly 30 soldiers including the rank of captain from the military council were killed, 8 from the joint defense teams were killed, and many were injured. The dead were 4 from CDF KKG, 1 each from CDF Hakha, CDF Thantlang, CDM Siyin, and 1 from the Chin National Army (CNA).

“There are between 40 and 60 wounded (of Chin groups). Bombed by airplanes. He struck with a large weapon. And there are landmines. The military councils did not lay down their arms. Resistance to death,” said CDM Siyin Information Officer.

In Chin State, the region where the armed resistance began the earliest, the Chin resistance forces attacked and occupied the towns of Rih Khawdar, Lailenpi and Rihzua, and also controlled the towns of Waibula, Hnaring, Surkhua, and MaKiunum.

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