On January 14th, the commander of the Russian Air Command IL-22M aircraft that was shot down in the Sea of Azov, Viktor Klimov, has died, according to the Russian Air Force social network news, as well as the related family’s obituary on the social network. Air force social network news also reported that 2 operational command personnel were killed along with Commander Klimov.

It was said that the flight was able to make an emergency landing from the Sea of Azov to Anapa Airport in Russia, but Commander Klimov was hit by a bullet on the plane and died before reaching the airport. The other 2 soldiers died in the hospital after landing at the airport, according to the Russian Air Force social network. It did not say how many troops were on the plane.

Although they are saddened by the death of Commander Viktor Klimov and his troops, the deputy pilot and members who were able to drive back to the airport are considered heroes, the Russian Air Force said on social media. The Russian Air Force’s social media reported that the funeral of Viktor Klimov and the fallen soldiers had been held with military ceremony.

The A 50 reconnaissance plane that was shot down on the Sea of Azov on January 14th was not specifically written, but it was said that January 14th was the saddest day for the Russian Air Force because of the loss of the most valuable aircraft and 6 of the most experienced pilots. The Russian Ministry of Defense has not released any news confirming the shooting down of the aircraft.

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