The defense forces said that after a 4-day offensive, the town of Khambura in Tamu District, Sagaing Division, on the Myanmar-India border, was captured today (November 7). KIA Commander-in-Chief General Khaw Loon announced that Khampat town was captured by the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), People’s Defense Forces (PDF), Militia Defense Forces (MDF) and revolutionary groups in the No. (1) Military Region Tamu District Command, in which KIA Commander-in-Chief General Khaw Loon was in charge of the military region.

Among the revolutionary groups, Tamu District Battalion (2), Special Battalion (2), No. 1 Military Weapon Group, Front Command Group, CNDF, TDA, RCDF and KNA-Burma participated. It is said that Khampat town on the Kale-Tamu Asia Highway has been surrounded and attacked since November (3rd), and this morning it was cleared for the security of the area and was finally captured.

It has also been clearly informed that the No. (1) military region is a military region where PDF battalions and Pah Kah Phah teams are trained and closely supervised by the C3C plan, with the KIA Commander-in-Chief acting as the commander of the military region and KIA officers as the district commanders.

It also stated that more details about the battle will continue to be released. On November 3rd, the KIA-led column attacked many places in Sagaing Division at the same time and captured the police stations of the military council camp. Kolin town was captured yesterday, and Khampat town was captured again today. In the 2014 census report, Khampat is listed as a sub-township and has a population of over 38,000. It is devided in 5 wards, a sub-township composed of 8 village groups.

Basic education high school, middle school according to the 2017 list of Tamu Township General Administration Department, there is a public hospital with 1 primary school and 25 beds, and the town is mostly inhabited by Chin people. The 3 twin brothers alliances launched an offensive on October 27 under the name of “Operation 1027, and have captured more than 100 camps of the coup military council, and are continuing to attack.

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