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It has been reported that the Ta’Ang Liberation Army – TNLA ambushed a Military Council convoy coming from Mong Ko town in Northern Shan State to reinforce Muse Township on September 27. Locals and ground forces said that TNLA ambushed 6 Military Council vehicles headed towards Muse yesterday around 7:00 pm between 105 miles and Tongkhan village.

After being attacked, the battle took place for about half an hour, and 9 people, including the battalion commander of the Military Council, were killed and many were injured, a TNLA ground force confirmed. “I think they went to reinforce the forces on the Syrian side. We got the news in advance and went to wait and fight. We shot the cars and retreated. There are also people hospitalized on their side,” he said.

These 6 military council vehicles are going from Mongko town to Muse township, where there is a Military Conflict with the Kokang Tatmadaw – MNDAA. He continued to say that it was aimed at reinforcing the strength of the Selan village group. Locals said that after the convoy was ambushed, the Military Council troops opened fire until around 8:00 p.m. yesterday. “The battle took place near the village. After the fighting calmed down, the army fired one-sidedly. I have not heard from the people of the village until now,” said a trembling man in the village.

The TNLA side has not released any information about the ambush of the Military Council convoy and the death of the Military Council. Last August 2nd, the TNLA attacked the Military Council army and the militia convoy that attacked the TNLA army in the 105-mile trade zone. 2 militiamen were killed in a landmine attack near Tongkhan village.

Ref: Mekong News

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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