The Ta’ang Army (TNLA) released a news report late today that it has completely invaded and occupied the camp commanded by the military council Sah kah Khah – Commander in Namkham town in Northern Shan State, informing that the town has been completely controlled.

Namkham Township military council camps were attacked on the last November 17th and captured at 1:30 am on December 19th. Within 1 month of the offensive, Namkham Camp, New Hill Camp, Kankaw Camp, 12 Mile Camp, 13 Mile, Microwie Camp, Panse Takweit Camp, Hei Yiang Camp, Mai Wee Camp, ThengKan Camp, Man Phu Camp, Man Wit Camp, Police Station, and all the departmental offices were captured.

Namkham town Military Council camp has nearly 900 strong Sah Kah Khah -7 and its subordinate unit Khah Lah Yah -261. Khah Mah Yah -246, 245 and Dah Kah Sah show that they are military camps that come and attack. During the battle at the new Namkham camp, it was announced that a total of (3) members of the military council were captured as prisoners of war, including many bodies including the rank of military council major.

During the battle, the military council’s weapons and ammunition, including heavy weapons, various mines and ammunition, and military equipment were cleared and seized, according to photo reports. During the month-long battle to capture the new camp in Namkham town, 49 TNLA soldiers were killed, 145 were injured, and 13 people lost their lives.

During the attack on the military council camps in Namkham town, the military council forces fired 260 times with jet fighters, 35 times with Y8 aircraft, 40 times with Y12 aircraft and 25 times with Mi35 attack helicopters. It was announced that the attack was carried out. In addition, it is said that they fired at least (195) times with 105/120 howitzer weapons from Namkham Township military council camp and at least (300) times with 105/122/155 howitzer weapons from Nam Phatka camp.

In addition to the heavy air attack, the military council army dropped ammunition and supplies 15 times in Camp New Hill with an ATR-42/72 aircraft, and on December 12, nearly 100 reinforcements were added by Mi17 support vehicles 3 times.

It is reported that 70 religious buildings, churches, hospitals and residential houses were hit by heavy weapons and aircraft bombs, and 24 residential houses were destroyed by fire. The TNLA had already gained complete control of Namkham and Namsan during Operation 1027.

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