The military council’s military camp in Mutupi Township, Southern Chin State, has been captured today (December 19) after two days of attack by the Chin Defense Joint Forces. This military camp was captured after the joint forces attacked and controlled the towns of Lailenpi town and Rizua town in the same township in November. The availability of weapons and the condition of the captives are unknown.

The camp was attacked jointly by the CDF’s Lautu and the Chin National Defense Force (CNDF), according to local news reports. It is said that the military camp, which was established in 2016 on the hill adjacent to Thaiboi village, is an active camp between Lailenpi and Thaiboi village under the command of a different military strategy.

The capture of that camp is a situation where the military council forces have to surrender all the military council forward camps in the township, except for the rear battalion headquarters stationed in Mutupi township, which are the base military strategy units 140 and 304, said CDM Captain Kaung Thu Win.

Capt. Kaung Thu Win is a military officer in the Military Strategy Settlement Group of Mutupi town who has the responsibility of third-grade quartermaster and was the commander of the interim camp in Monywa town. On December 18, when the military council air force launched an offensive against the camp, which is about 33 miles west of the city, it also attacked the villages near the camp at about 2:00 p.m.

During the airstrike, 4 civilians who were preparing to leave Wankai village were killed on the spot, according to the information and information officer of Mutupi Township Public Administration. “It was a little late when they moved into the forest. When it happened like that, it happened with the bombing,” said Director of News and Information Salai Pataj.

The dead are 53-year-old Daw La Khup; 55-year-old U Cang Sai, 58-year-old U Lawng Cawng. They are 78-year-old U Len Law. U Rui Hlung, a resident of Thaiboi village who came to Wankai village for refuge, was also injured and is receiving treatment.

It is reported that some Wangai village residents are currently fleeing the war in the safe jungles. Residents from Thaiboi village and the nearby Laysin village have fled in advance and thus escaped the air force’s attack.

Due to the military situation in the region, nearly 7,000 residents from 21 villages, including the villages south of Mutupi, such as Walumpi, Kala, Walamtel, Laysin, Wankai, Lui Van, Tin Laung, have been fleeing since the second week of November and continue to face difficulties.

“In winter, Chin taung is very cold, so blankets are needed… Rice doesn’t need to be so hot. On our side, we can do upland farming in the rainy season, so rice is still fine for now. Oil, salt and fish paste are in demand. “There is a need for awnings to put up temporary tents,” said Salai Pa Thawng. On November 15, 8 students under the age of 15 were killed due to an aerial attack on a study group in Wailu Village, Mutupi Township. A CDM teacher and 2 civilians were killed.

In Chin State, where the armed resistance is strong, Rihkhawdar, Lailenpi, Rizua was attacked and captured last month, and Makui Amnoo, Narin, Surkhua and Waibula were also controlled by the defense groups. The momentum of the 1027 operation launched by the 3 brothers in northern Shan State hit the entire country, including Kayah (Kareni) state of Chin State, Sagaing Division, and the army lost more than 200 camps and at least 12 cities.

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