The most powerful UWSA ‘forces in Myanmar started the first time after the 1027 Operation, and the northern alliance was occupied by the North allies along the Myanmar-China border. Hopan was the capital of the ‘Wa’ Self-Administered Division, which is the capital of the Wa Self-Administered Division. Hopan is about 11 miles west of Kunlong, about 11 miles west of Chin Shwe Haw.

The UWSA ‘troops entered the town, and the UWSA’s camps in Hopan were invaded this morning. The police in Hopan said, the Great Commander-in-Circuit of the 20-Battalion (154) surrendered about 5 hours this morning from the MNDAA. The UWSA’s Flags of Social Neighborhood Flat, and the victims of the war built of armed soldiers were entered.

When the UWSA troops came to Hopan, the MNDAA troops were confidential in the sidewalk. The Burmese liberal Army (BPA) has announced that they have been involved with allies in the jungle. The situation in the city is not yet clear. The MNDAA and the UWSA are also interviewing with the officials spoken by the MNDAA.

The UWSA, which is officially called the Wa Tatmadaw, has about 30,000 military power, which is the permanent military force. The UWSA has announced that 1027 will be adopted by impartial neutral policy when the operation begins.

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