MDY- PDF reported that MDY-PDF and allied TNLA joint forces captured the military council camp of Thanbo Village in Naungcho Township of Shan State at about 7:30 am on January 3rd, and Lieutenant Colonel Thet Aung was also captured alive.

“The military council is attacking and trying to get Sambo back. But we are still able to cut off parts of their reinforcements,” said MDY-PDF spokesperson Ko Osmon. On January 3, at 2:25 p.m. in the afternoon, three military vehicles were intercepted and attacked, resulting in the deaths of soldiers and the seizure of weapons and ammunition.

“There were many casualties on the part of the military, and bodies were recovered. There were also some who escaped. They were also captured alive. They also captured the platoon commander Lt. Col. Thet Aung,” he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Thet Aung, who was captured, will be held in accordance with the Prisoner of War Act. It is reported that many weapons and ammunition, including large drone jammers, were seized from the Sambo village military council camp. “The villages on that side have already fled. There is no one in the village. They have been running since the situation is bad, and they can’t make phone calls,” said a resident of Naung Cho.

The MDY PDF announced that in the battle of Sambo village, the MDY-PDF and allied joint forces also made some payments. The military council camp in Thanbo village was raided by MDY-PDF and allied TNLA forces on January 2.

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