According to local revolutionary news sources, a second referendum and public support was held in a village in Tedim Township, Chin State on December 21, under the theme “Let’s all participate so that the dictator does not live long.”

In that plan, some elders and local people from Titin Township, more than 120 attended, and in remembrance of the Spring Revolution and the revolutionary heroes who fell for all ages, there was a 30-second silence program and a 30-second applause for the heroes from various sectors fighting for the eradication of military dictatorship, he said.

“The whole community in Tedim is celebrating on a national scale second public rally in support of operations held in Tedim town. Now spread throughout the country at a time when the entire community is revolutionizing the atmosphere of dictatorship, we are doing the eradication of dictatorship together with the people of Tedim to ensure that the dictator does not live long,” said the leader of the public support event in Tedim Township.

With the current wave of 1027 Operation battles across the country that showed stand with KIA, PDF Zoland, KNPP, KNDF, MNDAA, TNLA, KNU, AA, ICNCC as well as all other revolutionary organizations and preached the eradication of tyranny.

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