The Zo Reunification Organization (ZORO), a civil society organization in Mizoram State, issued a statement today on May 27 saying that it will mediate as a peace broker for the reconciliation between the Zomi Revolutionary Army Eastern Command (ZRA-EC) and the Chin National Army (CNA) led Chin Defense Joint Forces.

ZORO is a group working for the peaceful co-existence and reunification of the Chin (Zo) tribes that are present internationally, and said that they are saddened by the exchange of fire between the ZRA-EC and the CNA / Chin joint forces in recent days. ZORO’s statement stated that they request the ZRA-EC and CNA/Chin joint forces, which are their brothers, to reconcile with each other and stop the conflict from continuing.

The ZRA-EC and CNA/Chin joint forces are blood-related brothers and sisters, and it is believed that the problem is caused by a difference of opinion, and ZORO will intervene as a peace broker in order to reconcile and live in unity between the two forces.

However, it did not specify how the peace process would be implemented. The Zo Reunification Organization (ZoRO) is an organization that is working to reunify all the Chin-Lushai-Kuki tribes who were scattered in 3 countries such as India-Myanmar-Bangladesh due to the delimitation of the British government.

ZRA-EC was established in 2013 as a Burmese sub-organization from ZRO/A’s mother organization, and is a military group active in Tonzang, Cikha and Tedim townships. It is known that ZRA-EC’s political goal is to unite the Tedim, Tonzang from northern Chin State and the Kale-Kabaw valley of Sagaing Division and obtain a separate Zomi State in Myanmar.

(ZRA-EC) has been operating in the northern Chin State area of ​​Tedim, Tonzang, Cikha and previously attacked and destroyed the Chin State People’s Defense Forces, PDA, PDF-Zoland and CDF-Hualngoram military base. In the recent days, the CNA and Chin Defense Joint Forces attacked Tonzang and the battle to take over the town of Cikha.

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