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Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) armed forces reportedly beat up a Christian minister of the Evangelical Baptist Church living in Khualai Guazang Ward, Tonzang town, Chin State. Yesterday, on August 29th, at noon, ZRA troops were beating the minister because he took a photo with his phone camera and sent it to his acquaintance across the border, and spread on social media that ZRA was collaborating with the Military Council.

The ZRA forces punched and beat the pastor in front of his house with a wooden stick. He cried and apologized, but he was beaten again with a gun. In addition, ZRA forces beat up a shopper in front of the store for no reason. “They said that the minister was sent to the hospital. The injury was not too serious. You should not beat up a Christian priest like this,” said a local resident of Tonzang.

Regarding this incident, Tonzang Township Public Administration issued a statement today and condemned it. Cruel and violent beatings; Arbitrary torture, illegal recruitment, The public’s Administrative of Tonzang Township has warned not to commit any more violent acts such as extortion. After the attack on the police station based in Tonzang town, which happened in early August last year, the military council troops and the police did not dare to go out.

Source: Khonumthung & Zalen

Translation in English: Tongsan Admin Team

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