Residents have reported that a terrorist military council entered Thayar Gone village in the north of Kale Township in May 2024, burned down a Christian church, and destroyed 4 churches with heavy weapons.

Salem Baptist Church and quarter house in Thayagone Village were burned, and Zion Baptist Church, Penial AG Church, Bethzatha Baptist Church, and Logos AG Church were damaged by gunfire. In addition, it is known that 45 houses in the village were burned down by the Military council and their belongings were looted.

Since the last week of April, the Terrorist Military Council launched a convoy in the northern part of Kale town. Tens of thousands of people from Nyaungtaw, Segyi, Mawsi, Pyinkhongyi, Ngapyotaw, Hantha, Yauhchokwin, Mainuai, Pyidawtha, Nanchaung, Pyine Khonglay, Thayargone, Sameih Kwin, Kyukyakwin, and Letpanchuang villages are still fleeing to safety.

Landmines were placed in the places where the Terrorist Military Council deployed, and the people who entered the village were often killed by landmines. There are injured people.

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