The launch of the new book “Rhododendron Flowers From Chin Hills Honoring Chin Pioneers and Notables” (ချင်းတောင်တန်းက တောင်ဇလပ်ပန်းပွင့်များ) written and compiled by Prof. Dr. C. Thang Za Tuan was held on October 30 at Bethel Baptist Church in Insein, Yangon. In this book, a summary of the history of (85) Chin people who are required to be recorded in history is written and compiled.

The author, Dr. Si Thang Dang, said, “History in the world is only the biographies and accomplishments of famous people. From these histories, they can learn lessons for the future.” “The more you search and write about people who deserve praise, the more people who deserve praise will appear,” the order reads. The book is written in Burmese and English and is sold for ten thousand kyat per book.

Places where the book will be available:

  1. Tedim:

Nu Ngai Sawm Niang, TEO, Cel. 09 257 990 930

Head Officer Nu Zam LianCing, Cel. 09 448 045 181

Dr. Thuam Khan Thang, Principal, Bethel Bible College

  1. Tonzang:

Pa Thang Sian Mung, TEO Cel. 09 442 127 320

  1. Falam:

Pa Hum Za Thang, TEO Cel. 09 762 572 183

  1. Hakha:

(1) State Education Office, Nu Vung Lam Kim (Kimpi) Cel. 09 257 686 689

(2) Nu Kai Go Man, A/D, Ethnic Literature and Culture Dept. Cell.09 250 102 372

  1. Kalaymyo: Rev. Job Nang KhawThawng Cel. 09 450 975 225


  1. USA – Tulsa ah Sia Hau Mung
  2. USA – Portland ah Syama Niang
  3. Japan – Tokyo ah Nang Lam Tuang, Pau Mun Lian

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