It is reported that 3 members of the Military Council from the 269th Army Corps based in Tedim town took refuge with the People’s Defense Force – ZFU (PDF-Zoland) on January 7, fully armed. It is reported that the 3 Military Council soldiers who took refuge contacted the CSA group that helps the CDMs and wanted to come to the refuge, and the PDF-Zoland troops based in Tedim took charge and brought them.

“They came fully armed. Because we are connected with CSA, we are responsible for the higher reward. All 3 have reached a safe place,” said PDF-Zoland military commander Gideon. Gideon also said that as the police and military council soldiers who have not yet taken refuge are already celebrating the nationwide siege, they are warmly welcomed to live with their families when a new country is established without sacrificing their lives for Min Aung Hlaing. It is also reported that there are already more than 30 military council soldiers and policemen doing CDM to PDF-Zoland in Tedim.

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