The NUG Ministry of Defense reported that 25 members of the military group were killed when the local PDFs attacked and captured Pyu Saw Htee Camp in Tin Ngu gyi Village, Kantbalu Township, Sagaing Division. Today (January 11th) at around 2:00 am, under the leadership of No. (1) Military Region Kantbalu District Command, Kantbalu District (PDF) active forces and townships (PDF) stormed and occupied the area. 8 carbines, 1 G-3, 1 shoot gun, 5 rounds of ammunition and military equipment were seized.

”The drone team went in first and dropped the bomb. Then the gunman entered. These guys are sleeping, so they don’t have time to pick up a gun. The gunmen came in and opened fire again while they were being crushed. We were able to seize the camp and set it on fire,” said a comrade of Kantbalu PDF who fought.

He said that they were able to capture the camp by ambushing the soldiers and Pyu Sawhti while they were sleeping. A local resident of Kanbalu said that the Tin Ngu Gyi, Pyu Saw Htee camp is located next to the Than gone-Kaboe road.

“All the guys who opened the gate on the highway and were always collecting tolls died. I’m happy,” he said. After the battle, reinforcements from the 606th tank battalion of Kantbalu town came with 4 armored vehicles and set fire to the village.

It is reported that about 10,000 people from 9 villages, such as Ngaya Neh, Tuuboe, Kuu Myo, Falunchai, Tha Yeit gone, Nyaung Zingyi, Min gone, and Bog The gone, have fled to safety due to the military council’s column being attacked and destroyed.

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