Iranian news reported on January 8 that a member of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s advisory office was among those executed by the Iranian government in December on charges of having ties to Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency.

24-year-old Mosan Saravana, a member of Khamenei’s advisory office, was arrested on charges of espionage since March 2023 and was found guilty and executed in December 2023, according to the Iranian government news agency.

The Iranian government’s official press release did not mention Mosan Saravana as a member of the advisory office of religious leader Ali Khamenei, but instead described him as “a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.”

In December 2023, Iran’s government news agency reported that five people, including a woman, were executed after being accused of being Mossad informers. Iran’s state news agency also reported that the youngest of those executed was Mosan Saravana, who graduated in law and was serving in the military.

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