The Rakhine Army (AA) released a news report with photos yesterday (January 3) evening saying that it has captured Chin Letwa Camp Hill of the Military Council in Paletwa Township, Southern Chin State. In the released photos, the Chin Letwa camp, which was captured for three days, as well as large arms bullets, small arms bullets, bombs and grenades recovered from other military bases are seen.

Among the upper and lower villages, Chin Letwa (Lower) village has been occupied by the AA, and there is a Chin Letwa village police station about 200 meters away from the camp. AA’s statement did not mention the condition of the police station and the villagers. The camp is located about 39 miles north of Paletwa on the east bank of the Kaladan River, bordering the southern tip of the Indian state of Mizoram.

The AA captured the Tron Lake Camp, Nubu Camp, Khawai Camp hills in Paletwa township, which are important for the India-Myanmar trade route, in December last year, and continued to occupy the Khlawai camp and Chin Letwa camp at the beginning of this year. AA spokesperson U Khaing Thukha replied on December 7 that the strategic hills of the Military Council on the banks of the Kalatan River are of military importance. Through the Kalatan River, Sittwe Port can be connected to Paletwa in Chin State by boat, and from Paletwa to the India-Myanmar border, Mizoram can be connected by road.

AA has announced that it will attack all military council camps not only in Paletwa region but also in Arakan region, including Point (313) Hill (a camp 1700 meters (1,700) meters northeast of Paletwa) and Paletwa (289) Battalian Hill and Miwa hill since January 1st.

Miwa is the strategic hill where the AA and the army fought for more than 45 days in early 2020. It is located on the border of Kyauktaw and Paletwa. The military bases where AA continues to attack in Palatwa region are Khlara-289, Khlara-233, Khmer-211 Khmer-217 Khmer-220 Khmer-308 Khmer-374 Khmer-376 The names of the battalions are also listed in detail in the statement.

The townships where the military bases are located are Khlara-289 Palewa Township, Khlara-233 Buthidaung, Khmer-211 Palatwa, Khmer-220 Palewa, Khmer-308 Ram Bre, Khmer-374 Kyaukto, Khmer-376 Kyauktaw Township were observed. Organized by China, the 3 northern alliances and the military council held two meetings in December, but without a unique agreement, the 3 alliances continue to fight over cities and camps not only in the northern Shan region, but also in Rakhine and southern Chin states.

In northern Shan State, the Taang Army PSLF/TNLA attacked and captured 6 towns within days of December last year, and is aggressively attacking Kyaukme and Kuk Khaing with the allied forces to continue to capture them. In the Kokang region, the Kokang Army MNDAA is attacking the Laukkai Regional Command Headquarters with massive force, reaching the point where they will be able to recapture the entire city of Laukkai, which is their original headquarters.

The general secretary of Taang Army PSLF/TNLA Ta Boon Kyaw wrote on his Facebook before 2024 that ‘all the generations of this era will join hands and strategically carve out what they believe in with blood and sweat’. Similarly, MNDAA leader Phoon Tha Shuen said in his New Year’s speech that he promised to rebuild the Kokang Autonomous Region in northern Shan State.

While the situation in the region continued to be low, the military council did not release any news about the city capture and camp capture battles that it had missed. The daily statements of General Zaw Min Tun, who is authorized to speak in the Military Council, also stopped after December 15. Currently, the military council is issuing daily reports that fake news is being broadcast about events in some areas.

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