According to local residents, some residents are leaving the town due to fear of intensifying fighting in Moe Meit Township in northern Shan State. “Many of them are afraid, so they avoid it in advance. Both the residents and those who come to work have avoided it,” said a local.

About 6 miles east of Moe Meit, the TNLA Brigade (3rd) Senkin village in the war region, after the TNLA and joint forces captured the rest of the camp on January 5, the army is attacking the villages from the air as well as firing heavy weapons into the villages.

“Today, we can hear both the sound of airplanes and the sound of heavy weapons hovering over the city. They are shooting at Manrik and Saakke. Sometimes the houses shake,” said a Moe Meit resident. Fearing that the fighting in Moe Meit will intensify, they have to flee to safety, but some local residents are reportedly having difficulty escaping.

“They like to run and thieves like Collins, but they are afraid, but they still can’t run because they are afraid of thieves,” said a resident of Moe Meit. Last January 7, the army fired 34 times with heavy weapons at Sinkin (Zengkan) village and Nyang Kone (north) village, TNLA said. According to the population statistics as of September 2019, there are 97 villages in Moe Meit town with a population of over 65,000.

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