A plane carrying Myanmar military council troops who fled to India skidded off the runway at the Lengpui airport, injuring 12 soldiers and 4 critically, AFP reported. The Chinese-made Shaanxi Y-8 aircraft was used to bring the soldiers of the military council. The plane skidded off the runway at Lengpui airport, the main airport in the state of Mizoram, Aizawl this afternoon (January 23).

An Airport Authority of India official told AFP that 92 military personnel were on board the plane. Photos published by local Indian media showed the plane broken in half. During the fighting on the India-Myanmar border, hundreds of soldiers of the military council used to flee across the border to India. As a result of the fighting, Burmese soldiers often leave their camps and enter Mizoram State of India.

According to the compiled lists, on November 13, 2023, November 16, November 29, December 29, on January 6 this year, hundreds of military council soldiers fled to India. As of the first week of January, there have been a total of 5 escapes, and the total number of fleeing soldiers may be over 500. India’s Home Minister Amit Shah said on the 20th of this month that after these situations, a fence will be erected along the border.

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