The Union Liberation Front – ULF’s information officer Ko Jordan said that 17 Military council soldiers were killed in a clash between the Military council column and the defense forces that came out of Monywa town near Lettaung Nge village in Sagaing Region.

It is reported that the above military council column marched down the Chindwin River from Nyaung Pin gyi Village in Monywa township on January 19th and entered Sarlingyi Township for three days. Then, at 1:30 p.m. on January 21st, the column that came out of Sarlingyi town was intercepted and attacked near the village of Lettaung Nge, which is located in the three townships of Pale, Yinmabin, and Sarlingyi, under the guidance of the district commander.

“I witnessed the death of 17 people. There are photos and video records. We also confiscated the items. Five of our soldiers were slightly injured. The column has now entered Pale town,” said Ko Jordan. The attack was carried out by the Union Liberation Front – ULF (District Pah kah khah Fighting Column) in collaboration with local LPDFs and battalion forces. A local defense soldier in Sarlingyi town said, “The west side of Sarlingyi town is also patrolled, and people have died because of them. Animals too.”

A woman who lives in Pale township said, “If the Military council soldiers come, we have to run away with our belongings. We just want to live in peace.” Last January 17th, after the military council army launched a patrol, all seven houses in Sar Thone village were burned down, according to the Public Administration of Sarlingyi Township.

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