Locals said that a battle between the Chin National Army (CNA) and the Zomi Revolution Army (ZRA) took place on the evening of May 2, 2024 between Keizaang Village and Muizawl Village in Tedim Township, Chin State. Yesterday, on May 1, CNA and ZRA clashed near Laaitui Village, Tedim Township.

“Yesterday was in Laaitui village. It was also nearby today. I heard that the CNA came to launch a military operation and that the ZRA intercepted and attacked.” Casualties during the fighting between the two sides have not yet been separately confirmed. Salai Van Hoi Thang, a member of the CNA, was reportedly killed during the May 1 battle. Last April, CNA and ZRA clashed near Laaitui village. PDF The Chin Brotherhood group, which includes Zoland, has issued a notice to CNA not to carry out military activities beyond the territory.

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