Today, on June 22, the Military Council’s army burned down almost all the houses in Thai Ning Village, Tedim Township, according to local tourists. “The fighting has been intense since last night. The Military council forces seem to be suffering from the mines held by the CDF CDM Siyin. It is known that there are also dead people,” said a local traveler.

“Many houses in Taingen village have been burnt to ashes. As far as we know, only three houses are left. We know that the school has been burned since last night,” he said about the arson. Taingen village is a village with more than 40 houses in Tedim Township, located at the intersection of Kale-Tedim and Kale-Falam roads. From Kalay town up the mountain, It is also a well-known crossroads village.

People Media Myanmar, a media lobby of the Military council, reported that they are clearing the area of ​​Taingen village. On January 16th of this year, the Chinland Council member Chin Defense Joint Force occupied the village and took control of it after 5 months.

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