Starting from June 9, 2024, when the Chin Brotherhood Alliance forces were planning to seize Matupi, today, June 18, 2024, at 5:30 a.m. The Military Council (SAC), the CNA-led Chinland Council joint force attacked the Chin Brotherhood Alliance in a surprise attack, according to a source from the ground in Matupi.

While the Chin Brotherhood forces of Matupi were attacking to root out the Military Council, the Chinland Council Force led by the CNA was attacking from the SAC side. The Chinland Council Defense Force, led by the CNA, ambushed the Chin Brotherhood Alliance force and attacked there may have been casualties and deaths from the Chin Brotherhood force, but it is not yet confirmed, according to a different news source.

Chin Brotherhood Alliance forces have captured Infantry Militant (304) in the battle of Matupi, according to a source on the ground in Matupi, but this cannot be independently confirmed. PDF-Zoland said that the public was informed about the CNF/CNA and its subordinate forces that attacked Chin Brotherhood and allied troops who were attacking the bases of the Terrorist Military Council.

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