It is reported that at least 10 members of the Kalay District Peoples Defense Forces were killed and their weapons and ammunition were lost in the fighting that took place yesterday (November 9) in Kalewa Township, Sagaing Division. A Military council column consisting of nearly 70 forces that came out of Kale town exchanged fire yesterday around 8:00 pm near Sin Aima village of Kalewa township.

“It happened by chance in the forest. This is where both sides end. There are many who have escaped. There may be more than 10 casualties on the defense side,” said an official from the Kalay District PDF. He added that the number of defense personnel killed in the battle and the details of the firing were unknown.

Defense Force groups say the column is still near the village of Sin Aimah. Military Council Propaganda Telegram accounts started circulating this morning (November 10) that 28 members of the defense were killed and including 23 guns, were seized in the shooting near Sin Aima village.

Due to the Military army stationed in Aung Chain Tha village, which is located near the intersection of Ye Oo-Kalewa highway and Kalewa-Phon pyin road, the village was blocked by defense groups for more than ten days. There are nearly 100 armed forces, including the militia called Pyu Sawhtee. Another member of the local defense said that the battle broke out when that column came to reinforce the besieged village of Aung Chain Tha.

” Military is strength power. And also craves power. “The bunkers are basically built… It’s a central location along a road in the forest,” he continued. At 3:00 a.m. on November 3rd, defense cooperation groups surrounded the military council camp of Aung Khing Village and blocked it. In early August of this year, when the defense forces raided and occupied the Aung Chhain police station, the military responded with an aerial attack.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) released an initial report today that will use US$1 million to respond to urgent humanitarian needs, with large numbers of people displaced by the fighting in northern Shan State and northwestern Myanmar in late October and early November. According to the statement, nearly 50,000 people in northern Shan State and 40,000 people in Upper Sagaing Division in the northwest of the country are fleeing the war.

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