Officials and residents of CDF-Kanpalet said that the deputy battalion commander of the CDF-Kanpalet, Zothau Battalion and his father, the Christian Pastor, were killed by the military council forces this morning in Saw town, Magway Division. Sources said that pastor U Mang Ki (age 52) who is fleeing the war in Kanpalet Township, arrived in Saw town on the morning of November 7th and was talking to an acquaintance when a civilian soldier came and shot him in the head at close range.

A lot of reviews think that the dalans are newsworthy. If Saw town position is normal, the soldiers will not come down. “But suddenly in the morning, the soldiers came down and killed the pastor they had targeted,” said an official from CDF – Kanpalet. Residents believe that the situation in which Pastor was shot may have been systematically killed by the military council army.

Local sources said that when the Pastor was shot, civilians from the surrounding area were fired upon, but the civilians escaped unharmed. Around 6 minutes after Pastor was shot, more than 20 soldiers, in addition to plain clothes soldiers, suddenly came out and cursed Pastor. A local and CDF source said that they were afraid of the lake and were wearing camouflage. “They shot Pastor even after he was dead. He also kicks with his feet. 20 soldiers waited in ambush near Pastor’s body,” said a resident.

At that time, CDF Kanpalet, who was on duty near the town of Saw, he was also the deputy battalion commander of the Zothau / Tumi Battalion. Sources said that the son of Pastor U Mang Ki (Age 52) the son of the Christian Pastor, Deputy Battalion Commander U Ling Mang (Age 25) heard the news and went to see his father.

Sources said that Deputy Battalion Commander U Ling Mang was hit by a bullet in the side of the heart but was wounded and ran back to a cover. The soldiers of the military council dressed in camouflage near his father of the Pastor and opened fire on the civilians and revolutionary forces who arrived, and then the military council took Pastor’s body to their base camp. A military source confirmed that Pastor’s body was returned this evening.

Sources said that due to today’s incident, local residents and war refugees are fleeing their homes in Saw town, and some civilians have also been arrested by the military council. Locals said that the military situation is tense on both sides, and the fighting could escalate at any time. Residents said that in Saw township of Magway Division, located in the southern border of Chin state, the People’s Defense Forces have controlled most of the area and opened a gate station and conducted inspections.

“Shooting an unarmed citizen for no reason, we will respond strongly to their killing. In military terms, when and where can’t be said. But we will respond strongly. Even our deputy commander was shot when he went to see his father, especially when it was both father and son. The deputy commander went to see his father without any weapons. They wait for it and shoot,” said CDF Kanpalet Brigade Commander Salai Tuan Ling Thang. CDF – Kanpalet, the deputy battalion commander of the Zothau /Tumi Battalion, and his father of Pastor, were buried together at a place in Kanpalet yesterday, November 10th.

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