Chin Brotherhood Alliance announced that the town of Matupi, the largest Military strategic base in southern Chin State, has been completely captured and controlled today, June 29, 2024.

Chin Brotherhood announced on the night of June 29 that after the Military Council’s Infantry Military (304) battalion was captured on June 17th in the battle of Matupi, which is being developed as Chin Brotherhood’s operation, on June 29th, they were able to completely attack and capture military strategic hill and Infantry Military (140) battalions, and the area has been cleared.

With the goal of “completely eliminating the Military council in Chin State by 2024”, the Chin Nyinung operation was launched by Chin Brotherhood and its allies, the Arakha Army (AA), Yaw Army (YA), The Yaw Defense Force (YDF), along with allied forces, began attacking Military council camps and battalions in Matupi on June 9.

Respect and pride for the martyrs who gave their lives in the Chin Brotherhood campaign, the soldiers who gave their lives and the commanders who marched and fought until victory, and the soldiers’ obedience to orders, bravery, courage and perseverance. Chin Brotherhood said that they will continue to fight to occupy the Military council camps that remain in the townships of Chin State.

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