In the United States, there is no legal requirement to purchase life insurance, but visionaries consider it important for their family members. Life insurance is essential to provide relief or support to the bereaved family in the event of illness or death.

Because of this, the US government and large private companies set up insurance companies and worked hard. Among those large life insurance companies, Freedom Equity Group (FEG), a company affiliated with Fidelity & Guarantee Life Insurance Company, allows good employees who can sell up to USD 100,000 in a year to participate as shareholders, and is awarded additional bonuses based on the company’s profits.

This FEG company, which is expected to earn USD 100,000 in 2024, held a share distribution ceremony for its shareholders on June 22 in Las Vegas, a famous city in the United States. Tongsan Media Group is pleased to hear that Tulsa resident Mrs. Dim Cing (Mang Nu) and Mr. Kam Suan Mang (Tungzang) have tied the top 7th place in company equity among the number of employees and ethnic groups, and have received more than US$1.72 million in prize money.

In addition, more than 60 Burmese-born colleagues from the group they started were also awarded, among them Daw Cing Nuam Ciang, who received US$0.56 million. I heard that others received additional bonuses depending on the share they owned, such as 2000, 1000, 500 USD, etc., so I thanked God for guiding the Zomi people.

The purpose of this life insurance business is to provide benefits to the bereaved family when an individual dies. In addition, people with chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer (for example, those who are expected to live for only 2 years) can withdraw their purchased life insurance premiums during their lifetime with the doctor’s certificate, allowing them to save costs. If the patient recovers and survives, there is no need to reimburse the company for the costs.

This life insurance is also combined with tax-free retirement (pension) savings for those who live long and healthy lives. FEG company, especially chronic disease, It offers life insurance services mainly aimed at major illnesses such as heart disease and cancer and tax-free pension savings. Therefore, by buying and owning life insurance, may God bless the people of Zomi to learn how to properly manage their money and increase their wealth.

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