Today (July 1), the Chin Brotherhood Alliance released the large amount of weapons and ammunition of the Military Council army seized during the operation to capture Matupi town in southern Chin State. It is said to have been seized from Matupi base Military Strategy and Infantry Battalion (304) and Infantry Battalion (140).

Among the released ammunition were two of 14.5 ZPU anti-aircraft guns, howitzers, grenade launchers, grenade launchers, and a large amount of ammunition along with other small arms and ammunition. After 20 days of attacking the Military council army based in Matupi town, was captured by the Chin Brotherhood Alliance.

In Chin State, there are two alliances fighting against the Military Council, the Chin Council (CC) and the Chin Brotherhood Alliance (CBA), and the Chin Brotherhood Alliance was the first to capture the Military Strategy and battalions of the Military Council army based in Chin State. The Chin Brotherhood Alliance was formed on December 30, 2023, and yesterday (June 30) completed 6 months of their establishment.

The group consists of 6 groups: Chin National Council (Mindat), Chin National Organization (CNO), Zomi Federal Union (ZFU), Chin Defense Force (Kanpalet), Chinland Defense Force (Matupi) Brigade (1) and Mara Territorial Administrative Council (MTC). After 6 months the establishment of the alliance, Makwe Amnu in Mindat Township, Jin Dwe in Kanpalet Township, and Mutupi Town were attacked and seized from the hands of the Military Council.

The June 29 statement stated that the Arakha Army (AA), Yaw Army (YA), and Yaw Defense Force (YDF) relentlessly cooperated with Chin Brotherhood in the 20-day operation to seize Matupi town. The Chin Brotherhood Alliance also said that they will continue to fight with the allied forces to capture the Military council camps that remain in Chin State.

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