The Taang Army (TNLA) information officer said this evening that there was a fierce battle in Kuk Khaing city in northern Shan State today (January 6). He said that after capturing Namtu town on December 28, they are continuing to attack Kut Khaing town. “In Kuk Khaing today, there was a fierce fighting throughout the day, and during this battle, the military council used a helicopter carrier to attack and bomb,” said a TNLA press officer. At present, only Bua Kone is left to capture Kut Khaing.

The TNLA informed that the military council army repeatedly came and attacked with airstrikes in the new village of Khonsa, Namthu township, Ta’ang state, without any fighting. Yesterday afternoon (January 5th), the Military Council said that they attacked twice with Jet Fighter and once with Y12.

Yesterday, the military council army came and attacked again with a jet fighter, and a TNLA soldier from Mansa village was injured by a bullet and 5 houses were destroyed. Namtu was captured by the TNLA on December 28, following an airstrike as notified by the military council.

Brigadier General Ta Phon Kyaw informed that during the meeting in China between the Military Council and the Taang Army, the representative of the Military Council, Lt. Gen. Min Naing, said that the towns held by the natives would be attacked with weapons from the air.

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