The Chin religious organization in the state of Indiana, United States of America, and the influential Mizo civil organization in the state of Mizoram met today on June 3 and discussed the current ‘Chin’ issue.

The conference was hosted by Chin Baptist Churches of USA (CBCUSA), Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM), Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA), Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), Chin Baptist Association of North America (Chin Baptist Association of North America). Representatives from North America CBANA) and Zomi Baptist Churches of America (ZBCA) attended.

CBCUSA’s social media page stated that the meeting discussed the current military, political conflicts and difficulties faced by the Chin people, as well as peace and reconciliation situations. The meeting was attended by Chin religious leaders, including Mizoram CYMA President Pu Lalhmachuana and MZP President H. Lalthianghlima, and although no decision could be reached, CBCUSA stated that it was a first step towards peace.

In addition to this, the meeting was attended by leaders of Chin religious organizations and officials from influential Mizo civil organizations in Mizoram state. Dr. Pau Khan Khai (President of ZBCA) posted on his social media page.

Leaders attending the meeting:

Rev. Dr. Ceu Lian Thang – CBCUSA
Rev. Zathawngcin – CBCUSA
Pu Vanceu Uk – CBCUSA
Rev. Dr. Pau Khan Khai – ZBCA
Rev. Dr. Pau Khan Lian – ZBCA
Rev. Dr. Tun Cin Kap: ZBCA
Rev. Dr. Muana Khuptong – ZBCA
Rev. Dr. Ci Lian Kap – CBANA
Rev. Nun Uk – CBANA
Rev. Dr. Hre Mang – CBANA
Pu Lalruatkima – BCM
Pu Lal Hma Chuana – CYMA President
Pu H Lal Thiang Hlima – MZP President
Pu Chin Khan Manga – MZP GS

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