EAO in Chin State According to a CJDC official, the Chinland Joint Defense Committee (CJDC), which was established by the township and regional defense forces, has been dissolved. The CJDC is an EAO in Chin State, the Chin National Army (CNA); 9 defense forces according to townships; It was formed in August 2021 with a total of 18 units joined by 7 regional defense forces and the CDF – KKG.

CJDC members held a two-day meeting on December 15th and 16th, 2023, in a liberated area. It is known that CJDC was dissolved according to the decision of the meeting. CDF-Daai was unable to attend that meeting, but it is said that other groups are perfect.

“It is true that the CJDC has been abolished. Since the Chin State Council has been established, according to the law of the State of Chin State, the government of Chin State, Since the Ministry of Defense of Chin State is coming into being, there must be only one defense force under one government, so the CDJC was canceled because it was no longer needed. Among the CJDC members, there are 14 groups that can participate in the Chinland Council, and there are also groups that cannot participate yet,” said a CJDC official.

The CJDC formed a special commando unit, and with CJDC’s strategic planning, the Laivar operation that took place in Chin State. Operation Timit From August 2021, when it was formed, other operations, including the Tibual military operation and the Thantlang operation, were carried out until the end of 2022.

The 100 weapons given by the NUG Ministry of Defense were taken by the CJDC troops in August 2022. They were attacked by the military council at the halfway point of the road. One of the CNDF One from CDF Mindat and one from CDF-KKG lost their lives.

In January 2023, due to the need for weapons, the special commando unit was temporarily suspended, and the weapons were sent to the EAO, It is reported that they were divided according to townships and regions. In that distribution, CNA is 9 hands, Each township defense team has 6 hands each. It is reported that the local defense forces have been given 3 weapons each and some of the remaining weapons to the forces that need them.

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