On December 17th, the Chin Revolutionary Joint Force led by CNA attacked the Bongzung village military council camp in Hakha Township, Chin State on the border between Magway Division and Chin State. An official of the Chin Defense Force (Hakha) said that the attack began in the evening and was completely captured at around 11:00 a.m. on December 18, and many soldiers, including the rank of captain, were captured alive.

It is also reported that two CDF comrades, Salai Van Tha Ceu and Salai Van Dam, gave their lives for the country and nation in the battle at the Bongzung police station, and about 8 comrades were injured. The military council arrested 6 people, including the captain. It is known that 7 people died.

He went on to explain that Bongzung village is a large village of military importance, so the military council has deployed almost 100 forces, and the ability to capture the camp is very helpful in terms of the area’s situation and strategy for the continuation of the Hakha city capture battle.

“The Bongzung military council camp is located on the Hakha-Gangaw road, which is mainly used for trade and travel in northern Chin State. Trucks on the side of the city, passenger planes also go from the Gangaw-Hakha road, so that camp is very important. As for trucks and passengers, we have to pay as much as they ask for,” said a local in Gangaw.

It has been investigated that the battle to capture Bongzung camp was a joint attack by CDF (HaKha), Chin National Front (CNF/CNA), CDF (KKG) and CDF (Thang Tlang). In early December, two residential houses in Bongzung village were burned by the military council. In this battle, the military council was providing military support with air planes, but it was reported that they turned back around 12 o’clock.

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