The Chinland Council announced today that they will identify and take action against the Chinland Council soldiers who shot and killed three people, including a Chin national, among the soldiers of the military council who were injured in the battle to take over the town of Tonzang, Chin State.

The video file went viral on social media on June 22, 2024 and was criticized by viewers. The video lasted for 2 minutes and 46 seconds, and three Chinland Council (CC) soldiers labeled as CNAs shot and killed three military council soldiers one by one, who were each wounded and covered in blankets.

The Military Council soldier who was shot and wounded in the leg last time said, “I am Chin.” I’m begging you, don’t shoot me.” He was shot straight in the face while begging. Then the videographer says “Chin zong si ah Chin lo zong si ah” (either Chin or not Chin). It was a command from a talking machine superior. CNA Spokesperson Salai Hteet Ni was contacted about this issue yesterday, but has yet to receive a reply as of press time.

The Chinland Council’s defense forces are regimental forces that adhere to the Geneva Convention and have been instructed to follow military ethics, and will continue to investigate and punish the perpetrators, according to the statement.

A legal expert said, “If you look back at international law, whether it’s during the battle, the enemy on the other side has already surrendered. Even if you don’t lay down your arms, you can’t attack when you can’t defend yourself anymore. Among their violations, I would like to say that the main violation is the provision of the Geneva Convention (3). You cannot attack someone who is injured and cannot defend himself. They will have martial law. It must be a violation of the martial law set by their group. The main person responsible here is the parent organization,” he said.

The Geneva Convention (3) deals with prisoners of war. It stipulates that prisoners of war and wounded and surrendered enemy soldiers cannot be shot without reason. If you break the law, it is a war crime. Geneva Convention (3) contains 6 chapters and 143 articles. After that, CNF also signed an agreement on March 19, 2014 with the Geneva Call organization, which is working to ensure that the armed forces comply with the Geneva Convention.

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