The Ta-ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) released a video this evening of June 26, 2024 showing the surrender of 17 Army under the Military council’s Sah Kah Khah (1) after intense fighting started yesterday in the town of Kyaukme, northern Shan State.

“There are four troops in Kyaukme. There is an artillery at the entrance of the town. And there are no people there. 501st, 502nd Sah Kah Khah (1) is in a row on land. A political analyst based in Shan State said,” There is a gap in terms of manpower, morale, and reinforcements, so I don’t see a situation where we can hold out for too long.

Starting at 8 o’clock this morning, fighting broke out near the 352nd Battalion of the Military Council Artillery at Kyaukme Road, and by midday, the revolutionary forces had taken control of the hospital and the artillery camp, residents said. The Kyaukme police station is also being attacked by TNLA and PDF joint groups, and local residents say that the fighting is still intense in the areas of Panpawlay and Yankin Wards, which are adjacent to the police station.

Apart from the video released by TNLA, the Military council has not released any news about the situation of the battle until this evening. Residents said that six civilians, including a child, were killed and ten were injured during the two-day battle in Kyaukme town.

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