Locals said that almost the entire Taingen village was destroyed by the army of the Military Council. On June 21, the Military Council started burning, and 25 houses were burnt to became ashes and 5 houses were damaged by heavy weapons.

The locals also said that there is not a single house left intact in Taingen village, which has more than thirty houses. A resident, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said that there were only three houses left that did not burn.

“Homes were burned and damaged by heavy weapons, and nothing good is left. 30 of them are in a very bad condition, both burned and destroyed by heavy weapons. The other two or three houses are less damaged by heavy weapons. That’s all that’s left, there’s no place to live,” said a Taingen resident.

From June 20 to 25, 2024 fighting broke out between the Military Council Army and the Chin Revolutionary Joint Army, which marched from Tedim town. Locals said that the column went down to Kale Town and arrived at noon today, June 27, 2024. Currently, there are no Military council soldiers in Taingen village now, but the residents who will return to the village are having difficulty living and eating due to the damage to their homes.

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