On May 1, the Chin Brotherhood announced that the CNF/CNA should give priority to their territories of Hakha and Thantlang town and that they would attack the Chin Brotherhood if necessary. The Chin National Front (CNF/CNA) and member forces of the Chinland Council issued a warning today May 1, that if they continue to invade the areas controlled by Chin Brotherhood group will lead to bloodshed.

It was also announced that Kya Tween town is currently occupied by Chin Brotherhood and its allies. Mean while they are trying to fight, the CNF/CNA and the member forces of the Chinland Council are taking advantage of this and are starting military operations to occupy and invade Chin Brotherhood’s controlled areas.

The CNF/CNA has issued a statement saying that they should prioritize fighting for their territories, Hakha and Thantlang town and that if necessary, Chin Brotherhood will attack them.

The Chin Brotherhood group was joined by the Zomi Federal Association (ZFU), Chin National Organization (CNO), Chin National Council (Mindat), Chin Defense Force (Kanpalet), Mara Land Territorial Council and Chinland Defense Force (Matupi).

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